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Daze call girl lyrics escort neuilly s marne

I'm not your abidjan call escorts girl, novotel i'm pour not your sexe sexe call girl, i'm not your recherche call girl, i'm not your call call girl, in escorts the night.
I'm not the type of girl you contre need (oh no, no no).
Refrain: Im not your call-girl (re de pour re de de de de de).
My friends keep telling me again, and again, and again.I hope that you can.Call girl by Daze, you say that I'm your girl.Cause in your world there's a lot of little sugar-honey bunch.Cause I really want to be your little sugar-honey bunch.You sexe pour say that Im your girl, and you tell me taht Im your little sugar honey-bunch, but I dont feel safe with you cause in your world theres a lot of sugar honey-bunch, bridge: Im not that type of girl you need (oh.You say that I'm your girl.And you tell me that I'm your little sugar-honey bunch. Im not your chamonix call-girl (re de vocabulary re de déchange de de de de).
But I escort don't feel safe with girl you.
My friends keep telling me daze again and again and again.You have to prove yourself, canada or I ain't gonna be rencontre your little lyrics sugar-honey bunch.Im not your call-call-girl in the night.But I don't feel safe with you cause in your world there's a lot marne of little sugar-honey bunch.You have to prove your self or I aint gonna be your little sugar girl honey-bunch, daze i hope that you can do it, cause I really wanna marne be a little sugar honey-bunch, girl bridge, refrain.M N, o P, q R, s T, u V, w X,.These, call girl lyrics are.