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This week, the girl scenario, which closes phase one of exta, is the espace escort of a ground or airmobile unit.
The Tigers are lined up in a field, drying in the rising sun, their skin glistening with dew the mud from the previous days operations still splattered over their steps and wheels.
Realism, more flight hours were recorded this April, as the tactical deployment exercise (exta) continued libertinage at the Caylus camp in the Tarn and Garonne department of France.
The Tiger is a thoroughbred and all our crews and engineers have rencontre taken to girl it very quickly.The head of the Tiger cell within the regiment, who rennes is also the officer in charge of the current operational tests, Major Vincent Vermorel, concurs with his libertine junior officer: During the previous exercise, which was performed in the Queyras massif, the aircraft were available 100.The diary 5th Combat Helicopter Regiment in Pau (RHC) is continuing its series of tactical trials with the Tiger prior blois to its entry into rencontre operational service, free which is expected to be announced at the end of the year.The Combat Support Helicopter Squadron.In full this configuration, our endurance is 100 minutes at over 100 kilometers from our base, a pilot explained.Following libertine this first phase, the crews and technicallogistics personnel who were involved in the exercises will re-draft the user manual for the Tiger module.1 (ehap-1) called the Corsair deployed four aircraft to test the Tiger in a very unusual scenario.Two weeks ago, we then tried out a scenario in Gap, during which the Tigers mainly performed deep operations.Those who might have thought that this helicopter would not be tough enough have been fully reassured, stressed First Lieutenant Jean-Marie Demange, engineer officer of the Helicopter Maintenance Squadron. The first two aircraft arrived in Pau in June 2007.
This year, the panini regiment will mompov receive a total of six or seven helicopters and probably an equivalent complement of crews from change the homme Franco- German Training Academy femmes mompov (EFA) at Le Luc, in the Provence region.
When we receive the combat tanks that have a capacity of 367 liters each, and whose use is compatible with the firing of weapons, our total endurance will be slightly more than four hours.
After three nights spent outside under the stars, the informal verdict has escort been given: the Tiger is fit for operations in the back of beyond jeune currently a popular expression with the French Army Air Corps (alat).This document will summarize all the observations gathered since this aircraft first entered into service with the armed forces.These experimental trials have shown that we can operate the Tiger in the same way as helicopters from the previous generation, with a very limited technical homme infrastructure and under spartan conditions.Each exercise was mompov preceded bayonne by pre-synthesis simulation, before prostituée it was validated by field fetish tests.So, even before the tactical exercises being carried out by the 5th RHC are completed, the combat helicopter has already club richly deserved its first gold demain star.The 5th RHC now has five Tigers, which have notched up 690 flight hours.By 2010, the 5th RHC fleet will consist of 16 Tigers operating in two squadrons of eight aircraft each.More and More Tigers on the Way.To ensure the conditions were as realistic as possible, the aircraft were often tested at their maximum weight (6.1 metric tons with full fuel tanks and the maximum ammunition payload (150 30-mm shells and 68-mm inert rockets under the wings).Each of these exercises involving the Tigers required six to seven weeks of preparation beforehand.